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Troubleshooting & Landscape Pruning


We don't care who put your system in, but we'll be happy to troubleshoot any problems you're having.

Landscape Pruning

One area that is consistently overlooked is landscape plant and shrub growth, and the negative effects it can have on landscape lighting systems. It's not uncommon for homeowners or commercial building tenants to comment that a landscape lighting system worked great last year but seems to be losing its effectiveness this year. The solution may be as simple as pruning the annual growth of the sites plants and shrubs.

So, if you already have a reliable landscaping service that's great. We'll point out to you during our design and installation process what needs to be addressed. But, if you don't have a landscaping service we'll be happy to provide that service for you at a nominal fee. Going forward you'll need to have the annual growth pruned and trimmed to keep your landscape lighting system working at optimal levels. Again, we can provide that service for you if you don't have someone on board to do this for you.

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