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At INNOVATIVE LANDSCAPE LIGHTING of Kentucky we are able to provide demo system lighting to preview what a professionally designed landscape lighting system can do for your individual home or business.

And we do this free of charge!

Design & Installation

We work with our customers to finalize a design they are comfortable with. Every customer and environment is different. Some customers like lower levels of light, others want a brighter environment. So, in all cases we perform our installations such that we can adjust as needed to fine tune the systems with our customers to get the look they want.

Maintenance Contracts

Maintenance contracts are a cost effective way to make sure your system is evaluated annually to keep it working efficiently. We'll evaluate and adjust the system twice per year to keep it running optimally.


We don't care who put your system in, but we'll be happy to troubleshoot any problems you're having.

Landscape Pruning

One area that is consistently overlooked is landscape growth and the negative effects it can have on landscape lighting systems. It's not uncommon for homeowners or commercial building tenants to comment that a landscape lighting system worked great last year but seems to be losing its effectiveness this year. The solution may be as simple as pruning the annual growth of the locations plants.

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