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Low Voltage LEDs


Low voltage LED (typically 12 volt systems) technology is developing rapidly. Only a few years ago LED lighting technology was such that it could not effectively be applied to landscape lighting. It lacked the directional “punch” needed and was characterized by a bluish white light. But, that is all changing at a rapid pace. Therefore, where appropriate the previously described line voltage and low volt halogen systems can be replaced with a 70 watt LED system. Yes, that’s right, a 70 watt system! A 70 watt LED system can now replace a 300 watt low volt halogen or 750 watt line voltage system.  INNOVATIVE LANDSCAPE LIGHTING of Kentucky can guide you to the appropriate LED system that provides warm color lighting similar to halogen lighting. Yes, the same pleasing light associated with halogen, not the bluish tint lighting associated with inferior LED systems. And that’s extremely important since the best LED technology will deliver the right color renditions to enhance your site’s architectural and landscaping features. 

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