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Low Voltage Halogen


Low voltage (typically 12 volt systems) halogen landscape lighting had been the only effective energy efficient landscape lighting solution for many years (now headed to 15+ years). There have been numerous installations in the U.S. over the last 10 -15 years. Simply put, halogen is a much more effective and efficient solution than line voltage (120Volt) systems. A typical example would be that a 3500 square foot 2-story home might be illuminated (front yard only) by some 750 watts of 120V lighting. That same line voltage system could be replaced by a 300 watt low voltage halogen system. LV Halogen offers several additional advantages since it's light sources and associated fixtures are much smaller, and therefore less obtrusive.  These longer life bulbs come in a variety of wattages, beam spreads, and smaller fixtures that all add up to a much more appealing environment and effective solution.

Initially LV Halogen used mostly PAR 36 lamps. Then it involved into MR-16 and MR-11 (MR: Mirrored reflectors) lamps that were smaller in size, yet very effective and efficient. Now some very effective bi-pin and, to a lesser extent, double ended halogen lamps are also used depending on the specific application. Overall LV Halogen is still a good choice. 

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