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About Us

INNOVATIVE LANDSCAPE LIGHTING of Kentucky is a full service, forward thinking landscape lighting design company based in Lexington, KY. Landscape lighting can provide many benefits to the homeowner or small commercial business owner including both security and safety to your personal living or work space.  Additionally, landscape lighting can add additional living space to your night time environment while enhancing the beauty and appeal of your home or business location.

At INNOVATIVE LANDSCAPE LIGHTING of Kentucky we focus on low volt halogen and LED (which deliver substantial energy savings!) lighting solutions for our customers lighting opportunities.

Our principle owner, Kevin McGarry, has over 25 years prior experience in the lighting industry with SYLVANIA.

As the General Manager of SYLVANIA's Halogen Lighting Business Unit for 9 years prior to his early retirement, Kevin McGarry was chartered his last 2 years at SYLVANIA with integrating LED technology into the Halogen product line. Therefore, our experience in lighting is broad based and extensive.  This works to our customer's advantage as we provide you with proven professional lighting design solutions that deliver energy efficient systems, professionally installed for years and years of reliability.

Mr. McGarry chose to enter this industry after experiencing the same frustrations that many of our customers have experienced with unreliable low cost DIY landscape lighting kits (they usually start to fail within 1 year), and the lack of qualified lighting contractors who could meet his landscape lighting design, installation, and reliability standards.

Never before in the history of the lighting industry, and now landscape lighting, has technology been changing at its current rate. All of this makes Mr. McGarry, and his staff, uniquely qualified to sort out the halogen and LED solutions available to our customer's various applications. Our professionals provide these lighting solutions to you while keeping energy efficiency at the forefront.  And today's LED solutions allow our customers to go "GREEN".

As a full service solution to your outdoor lighting needs, we do more than just design and install your systems. We offer a variety of maintenance programs to keep your landscape lighting system working effectively and efficiency. We also service and troubleshoot existing systems, no matter who installed them.

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